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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- san pedro square....downto this sunday morning it is 7:00 on the dot on this april 7. here is a live look outside. san pedro ro square in downtown san jose. another mild morning this sunday. thanks for joining us. i'm kiri klapper. we have a look at the micro climate forecast. you're bringing the sunshine. >> a little bit of it. it's going to be filtered today, but dry and the temperatures will be warm. in san francisco now, look at this shot. we have some gray cloudy skies. don't worry. the majority of the rain made its exit. this is in store in the afternoon. 54 degrees now in san jose.
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your temperature trend for the south bay will be similar to this. regardless of if you live in san jose or not. by 10:00 a.m. in the 60s. filtered sunshine because we'll keep cloud cover but daytime highs topping out into the mid 70s in most areas. as far as the bay goes we are talking 60s. whether you live in san jose or san francisco, you are still going to be feeling comfortable weather out there. we'll stay dry through today. it will be cloudy through tomorrow. don't have to worry about rain during your morning commute. your seven-day forecast is coming up in 15 minutes. >> all right. see you in 15. thanks. a 3-year-old boy and his mother are fighting for their lives. this as we learn more about the investigation into what neighbors call a vicious pit bull attack. today we spoke with the people who called for help. >> reporter: doris had returned
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home from work 5:00 p.m. friday night and noticed a commotion. >> this lady was fighting for her life, trying to save her baby and herself. the dogs were trying to pull the baby from under her. >> reporter: she alerted her husband, steve. she called 911 and he grabbed a golf club and ran to the neighbor's gate to create a diversion. >> i just started beating on the trash cans and screaming, hollering, trying to get the attention of the dogs. >> reporter: police arrived and used pepper spray to chase off the pit bolls, all three being held at animal control where they will stay in quarantine. the hutchersons learned the dogs belonged to a family member who recently moved in. the sight of the dogs mauling a mother and her son they won't soon forget. >> their ears were pretty much torn up. a lot of injuries she had. it triggered me because to see
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someone lying there, fighting for life and your child's life -- i haven't been able to sleep. >> reporter: police say the 47-year-old mother and her 3-year-old son are in stable condition. investigators haven't said if they are planning on filing charges in this case. take a look at this video out of napa of a violent break-in. this happened friday morning after 2:30 a.m. thieves couldn't get into the cigarettes and more store at the riverfront shopping center so used a suburban to smash their way inside. they weren't there for money. they stole cigars and cigarettes. and they were in and out in two minutes. to southern california where we are following a developing story. a chp on a motorcycle killed in the line of duty yesterday
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afternoon on interstate 15. if you know the area it's outside of lake elsinore in riverside county. around 4:30 the officer was involved in a crash with a sedan. crews air lifted him to the hospital where he died. he's been identified as sergeant steve liken. the officer is from the california highway patrol formed a procession to honor the officer last night. back here locally, a security guard in sonoma county called to report what he thought was a suspicious person and ended up under arrest. the guard, 33-year-old lloyd collins said a man was threatening him. officers arrived and noticed this inside the car including cocaine, a loaded gun and ammo for which collins didn't have a permit. he was booked into jail. if you see something, say something. friday night in fairfield someone did that. a woman flagged down officers
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telling them she saw an alask-4n a car at an apartment complex. officers responded and sure enough, there it was. the gun was leaning against the central console. it had a round in the chamber and 28 in the magazine. the driver said he didn't know anything about the weapon. he was arrested. now to president trump back in the nation's capital this morning after wrapping up his two-day swing out west. he ended the trip in las vegas. the president continued to take aim at immigrants and asylum seekers. >> reporter: just a day after telling migrants the country is full, turn back, president trump doubled down, appearing to mock asylum seekers. >> they read a little page given by lawyers all over the place -- you know, lawyers. i am very fearful for my life. i am very worried that i will be
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accosted. >> reporter: those remarks came during a wide ranging campaign speech in vegas in front of a friendly crowd, the republican jewish coalition. mr. trump touted his accomplishments, exiting the iran nuclear deal. >> we got you something you wanted. >> reporter: recognizing israel's annexation of the go lan heights. >> i went, bing, and it was done. >> reporter: and moving the u.s. embassy for jerusalem. >> so i did it. i did it. >> reporter: then he levelled a withering charge at democrats. >> democrats allowed the terrible scourge of anti-semitism to take root in their party. >> reporter: meanwhile democrats hoping to defeat him campaigned across pivotal states with another candidate joining the crowded field. ohio congressman tim ryan launched his white house bid in youngstown. >> we are getting our rear ends kicked by china when it comes to
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electric vehicles, solar panels, 5 g. we have to be competitive and unify the country. now to the border where drivers and commuters continue to face significant delays as they try to cross to the u.s. long lines of trucks and cars have formed across the city's bridges which connect into el paso, texas. some truck drivers say they have been stuck in vehicles for up to 12 hours in the past. it's taken -- used to take 45 minutes to cross the border. the slowdowns have been caused by a u.s. government decision to reassign some 2,000 border officers. they typically check the vehicles to deal with growing numbers of migrants instead. >> reporter: we a an incredible story of survival. a crash happened friday night on
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the western edge of sonoma county. the car rolled down the steep hillside and was badly damaged. the man driving and his girlfriend in the passenger seat were thrown from the car. the man did die. the woman survived. she climbed the hill despite having a broken leg and waited 13 hours before she could flag down a passing driver. it's not clear what led to the crash. it was an emotional ceremony honoring veterans at the baton death march during world war ii and it happened locally yesterday at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. honored were 75,000 u.s. and filipino individuals who knew following their march would be pain and possibly death. many were beaten along the way. >> feels good to honor all of
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the public, everybody here. they are all alive. they get out of bed every morning, walk in the sunshine. now to the man known by countless pra rigarishioners asr jay. jay matthews died at 70 years old. he was the rector of the cathedral in oakland. the first ordained priest in oakland, california. his funeral will be tomorrow, monday night. a north bay neighborhood is getting extra help finally to help clean up from a devastating mud slide in february. you may recall a massive mud slide tore through sausalito on
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valentine's day causing a duplex to slide downhill into another home. now a firm has been fired for the cleanup efforts. a cleanup schedule will be posted on the city's website. at 7:10 we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, live to washington, d.c. for the weekly interview with chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." if you feel like you are being watched, one family thought they were and they were right. they spotted a hidden camera in their air bnb rental. it keeps happening. alright, let's talk perks! would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. welcome back. it is 7:12 and time for the weekly chat with chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." larry gursten has joined me. hi, chuck. thanks for joining us.
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>> of course. >> joe biden all but announced he's decided to run in 2020 this week. he's also been responding to allegation that is he touched women in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. i would love your opinion on how you think he'll fit in with the rest of the very crowded 2020 field. >> well, he's obviously getting an early taste of the vetting process for him. this is a challenge for the party and why there is hand wringing about joe biden's candidacy. the issue about personal space, if it were just about that it's something you would say, okay, he can deal with this and set that aside. in some ways, it's emblematic of the larger debate about joe biden. is he 21st century enough for the democratic party? and can he run a campaign that's focused on the future and doesn't get mired in debates about the past? look, the successful
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presidential campaigns are the ones that get to talk about the future. the unsuccessful presidential campaigns are the ones that are mired in debates on the past, whether they are their own record or something else. the question with biden is if democrats have him, can they keep the conversation about the future rather than having to relitigate the past? >> good point. >> chuck, the first four states -- iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada -- often set the tone for presidential nominees, but in 2020 is that model likely to change particularly for the democrats given california's early appearance on march 3 with the most delegates and potentially a viable candidate by the name of kamala harris? >> larry, i am skeptical that california will have more influence. every time they have moved it up. it's going to make iowa, all this stuff. i have had this debate with ace
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smith who is running kamala harris's campaign. i think moving it up makes iowa more important, not less. while kamala harris is a home state favorite she can't finish fourth or fifth and expect a clean sweep. it's not as if californians won't pay attention to what the early states should do. it dilutes the other early states. the first place will always be the winnower. iowa will cut that in half if not more. california's presence probably dilute it is other three a bit. but, you know, kamala harris has the burden of expectation. you have pete buttigieg -- i think you have candidates target specific regions of california to try to steal delegates. pete buttigieg as a navy veteran may just spend money in san diego. you may have julian castro spending money just in southern california. that's what i expect to happen there. the burden ends up on her.
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does she have to overspend in california to make sure she doesn't look week? >> always such great insight from chuck. chuck todd, thanks so much. you can't say california doesn't deserve an a for effort, right? trying to dilute the field there. be sure to join chuck for "meet the press." he'll have interviews with pete buttigieg of south bend, indiana, and republican senator mitt romney of utah. tune in to "meet the press" here at 8:00 after this newscast. as always, thanks to larry. larry will be back for the weekly political segment. you will look into president trump's recent visit to the southern border, claims about migrants trying to cross into the u.s. border. as always we look forward to your insights and we'll see you soon. thanks. moving on to other news now. airbnb is back in the headlines for the wrong reasons.
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another family found a hidden camera in their rental. this time in ireland. the husband works in i.t. security and scanned the wifi network. he said something called ip camera popped up. he found a hidden camera inside the smoke detector. air bnb removed the host and refunded the family. tourists, as you have likely heard reported finding cameras in lightbulbs, clocks or air conditioners. >> i didn't know if i was being watched live or if it was being recorded or what was going on. >> airbnb prohibit s hidden cameras and no cameras in bathrooms or bedrooms. we were talking about staying in air bnbs. >> all the time. >> freaky. >> i have been to ireland. i always make the joke that i
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look. now i know to look at the wifi network. that's a good tip. look at the wifi network. let's go back to weather now. the conditions are very mild. it's a little bit cloudy still. we have the sun peaki ingpeekin. it will be a gorgeous day despite the cloud cover. we are not tracking rain today. 54 degrees in san jose. our daytime highs will warm up and you'll feel it. dubl dublin, 55. makes for a lovely sight out there. on doppler, we'll see cloud cover. we have rain to the north near oregon, portland. what does that mean for us? i'm monitoring a cold front that will sweep in tomorrow night. that will bring changes. for now, as i zoom in, the biggest thing you will see are the clouds. we are still tracking a light chance of rain. let's get into your daytime highs for today.
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the micro climate highs climbing into mid 70s for the south bay. san jose, 75 degrees. morgan hill, 73. in through the east bay, 71 degrees for danville. 70 for oakland. upper 60s for today. it will be a good beach day despite the day we won't have a lot of sunshine. it won't be cold out there. mission, 65 as well. in the north bay, 68 for san ta rosa. we are keeping the clouds through the afternoon. look at monday around 4:30. we have a cold front sweeping in. mainly for the north bay though. as we head into monday night, late rain chances. look at that. i will fast forward the timeline. we get spotty showers late monday into tuesday morning. we are not expecting widespread heavy downs from this. it could be enough to wet the
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pavement. do you know what it is going to do? kick up the winds. behind the cold front we expect gusty conditions into tuesday. the temperatures will be dropping down by a few degrees through san francisco. we'll keep wednesday, thursday and friday dry. this will set us up for a cooler week ahead because of the cold front. dropping into the 60s. we'll remain fairly mild in through the remainder of the week. we'll keep the 70s in the forecast for today into the start of the work week. we are tracking late rain chances monday into tuesday. again, the rain should clear out by tuesday afternoon. all that's left behind is clouds and 60s on the map. wednesday is the sunniest day of the week. middle of the week with sunshine and tracking dry conditions through the end of the week. we have fantastic weather ahead. wind for tuesday. >> i love the sun icons. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a story you don't
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want to miss. a woman who was a debt collector saying how you can prevent a knock on the door from the irs. you will meet the insider next.
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have you done your taxes? and are you worried about the irs? welcome back. it's that time of year. april 15, just a little bit over a week away. if you have already done your taxes, if not are you worried about the irs? there are tips and tricks, pro tips in dealing with uncle sam. consumer investigator chris camera got the scoop from a former irs agent. >> do you mind if we call you april? >> april would be good. >> reporter: the name is fake but her irs credentials are real. >> i have a lot of respect for what i did. >> reporter: she was a collections agent for the irs. >> i seized cars, boats. went to a business, had to take inventory. >> reporter: people fear the irs. she wants to counter the reputation of being heartless. the moment an agent knocks on
7:24 am
your front door, you're antsy and they are, too. >> you get nervous. you're a little afraid. you don't know how the person will react. >> reporter: april said people's biggest fear is losing their home. it's true the irs can seize your house, but it's rare. the irs gets 150 million tax returns every year but it is currently auctions off just 14 homes nationally. in her 30 years, april never evicted anyone. >> reporte >> taking a home is a last resort. we don't want to take your residence. >> reporter: most people fear take it or leave it tactics. ads for attorneys and accountants reinforced the idea. >> you have tax rights and our professionals fight hard. >> reporter: you can try to negotiate with the irs on your own. there is an official form to offer in compromise. april says it works. she told us she cut deals with families that couldn't pay in full. >> we may take less than what you owe and resolve it. >> reporter: april says
7:25 am
assumptions get people in trouble. if your taxes are off by a small amount you can't just write it off. >> are you going to come to the door for a hundred bucks? >> no matter how much you owe, small or big, you will get a letter. >> reporter: april says too many people ignore them assuming minor mistakes will be forgiven. no. ignoring the letter triggers penalties, interest and eventually -- a knock on the door. april says if you set aside fear and just talk to the irs up front, you will find out agents have leeway to help you correct errors and the faster you do that, the faster they will go away. >> own up to it. we do understand. we do. things happen. life happens. we get it. >> april did share other tips with chris including the most unusual item she ever seized during an irs raid. it's interesting. you can see that on our website. if you run into trouble filing
7:26 am
we want to hear from you at 888-996-tips or we have much more ahead. serious accusations at one of the most prestigious college prep schools in the bay area. what we have uncovered from decades of alleged abuse by teachers. plus this fisherman want his catch back in the driveway. the story behind this picture next. stop sfop.
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take a live look outside -- walnut creek good sunday morning. it is 7:28 on this april 7. taking a look outside, beautiful. some cloudy skies with the sunshine breaking through over walnut creek. thanks for joining us on another mild morning. we have a look at the micro climate forecast. another warm morning.
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>> muggy. we have been having those days where it feels humid. we tapped into some subtropical moisture on friday. now we are going to see high pressure begin to come in to warm us up. it started warming us up yesterday. san francisco cloudy now. a fantastic day for a quick workout. a lot of people in san francisco love to run. the temperatures will be at 61 degrees by 9:00 a.m. check out the afternoon highs. we are talking a high of 66 degrees for san francisco. this may be your best bet to head out on a nice early morning jog. if you're in the south bay, san jose, about 54 degrees now. we'll climb into the 70s for the south bay. 70 degrees by 1:00. filtered sunshine. what i mean by that is a combination of sun and clouds with the beautiful breaks in the sunshine through the afternoon. we'll stay dry for today. we have changes ahead as we get to monday's forecast which could
7:30 am
mean windy conditions. >> we cannot catch a break from the showers. see you in 15. thanks. a bay area woman and her 3-year-old son are in the hospital fighting for their lives after a vicious pit bull mauling. we are learning more including who owns those dogs. sergio quintanas spoke with the people who called for help. >> reporter: doris had returned home from work 5:00 p.m. friday night and noticed a commotion. >> this lady was fighting for her life, trying to save her baby and herself. the dogs were trying to pull the baby from under her. >> reporter: she alerted her husband, steve. she called 911 and he grabbed a golf club and ran to the neighbor's gate to create a diversion. >> i just started beating on the trash cans and screaming, hollering, trying to get the attention of the dogs. >> reporter: police arrived and used pepper spray to chase off
7:31 am
the male and two female pit bulls. all three are being held at animal control where they will stay in quarantine. the hutchersons learned the dogs belonged to a family member who recently moved in. the sight of the dogs mauling a mother and her son they won't soon forget. >> their ears were pretty much torn up. a lot of injuries she had. it triggered me because to see someone lying there, fighting for life and your child's life -- i haven't been able to sleep. >> reporter: police say the 47-year-old mother and her 3-year-old son are in stable condition. investigators haven't said if they are planning on filing charges in this case. we have newly released video from napa of a violent break-in friday morning after 2:30. you see thieves used their
7:32 am
suburban to crash through the front of the store. they couldn't get in to cigarettes and more at the river park shopping center. outca came four men. they stole cigars and cigarettes. police say the crew got in and out in just two minutes. we are following sad developing news from southern california. a chp officer on a motorcycle was killed in the line of duty. it happened yesterday afternoon on interstate 15. this is just outside of lake elsinore in riverside county around 4:30 in the afternoon when the officer was involved in a crash with a sedan. crews air lifted him to the hospital where he died. he's since been identified as steve liken. officers from the california highway patrol honored the sergeant as they took his body from the hospital to the coroner's office last night. back in the bay area, one of the most respected soccer
7:33 am
coaches and three other men are being named in a shocking new investigative report. it details four decades of sex abuse as a prestigious prep school. >> reporter: the branson school is one of the most respected college prep schools in the u.s. investigators describe harassment and sexual abuse in the 17-page report at the school that dates from the 1970s to the 2010s. >> they should go to jail if it's true. >> a lot of things happen that are under the radar that people miss. >> reporter: according to the findings there were reports of abuse and suspicions but never any real investigation until the current head of the school launched one a year ago. some of what investigators discovered is so graphic there is a parental discretion disclaimer on the report. graduates said a popular soccer
7:34 am
coach displayed predatory yal behavior in the 1970s and investigators looked into six allegations of sexual misconduct by the coach. a former player he coached told nbc bay area she was stunned by the revelations. she remembers rumblings more than three decades ago about the coach being inappropriate with girls. a friend of one of the coach's victims told investigators, quote, i remember her saying, he raped me. not surprising to another woman who grew up in the area and recalls abuse at her school, too. >> nothing surprises me. i have a conversation with a lot of my friends. schools, doctors. it doesn't matter. it happens all the time. >> reporter: talking about another man who coached at the school in the 1980s one graduate said it was pretty well known with the the student body that the coach and the student were secretly dating. a parent told investigators the
7:35 am
coach and students were seen together at a distant ski resort. in total, investigators named or loosely identified five faculty members who had abused or harassed students and at least 11 victims. tom jenison, nbc bay area news. >> the findings have been turned over to police and prosecutors for further examination. the school is encouraging anyone with more information to continue to come forward. now to southern california where a worker fell to their death at the site of the coachella music festival yesterday morning in the staging area of the empire club polo grounds. a spokesperson said the worker fell from a roof. cal osha is investigating. coachella is expected to take place over the next two weekends. burning man is facing a threat from the bureau of land management.
7:36 am
new requirements conflict with the festival's core principles. the new rules involve reducing light pollution at night, paying for road maintenance and providing more dumpsters. on the issue of dumpsters, burning man said people would use them instead of committing to the festival's leave no trace principle. people in reno say the area is a dumping ground after the event anyway. organizers asked attendees to write letters urging them to drop these new requirements. a huge public memorial for nipsey hussle is scheduled. the staples center will open up to fans of the rapper and the community leader. the fans must have tickets to the service to get in. hussle was a community activist. he was gunned down outside his l.a. clothing store last saturday at 33 years old.
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turning now to president trump. he's back in washington this morning after a two-day trip out west. he continues to take aim at immigrants and asylum seekers. meanwhile democrats hoping to unseat the president are criss-crossing pivotal states this weekend. here's more. >> reporter: a day after declaring the country full to undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers president trump continued stoking america's fear of them trying to enter the country. >> some of the roughest people you have seen. people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. they read a little page from lawyers. you know, lawyers. i am very fearful for my life. i am very worried that i will be accosted if i am sent back home. >> reporter: in the president's
7:38 am
remarks saturday he renewed threats to close the southern border despite backing down from the threat friday. >> you know, close the border we stop $500 billion worth of drugs pouring into our country. there are a lot of advantages. >> reporter: in las vegas the democrats hoping to unseat him were spread out across pivotal states. >> first thank my family for allowing me to do this. >> reporter: now there is one more. ohio congressman tim ryan kicked off his bid in youngstown. >> we are getting our rear ends kicked from china when it comes to electric vehicles, solar panels, 5-g. we have to be competitive and that starts by unifying the country. >> reporter: pete buttigieg said he'll soon expand campaign staff in key early primary states. >> we need boots on the ground in the early states and headquarters operation to sustain us. >> reporter: in iowa, senator bernie sanders vowed not to criticize his now 16 competitors
7:39 am
for the democratic nomination. >> if i may speak for them, they know the most important task we have is to ensure donald trump is defeated. >> reporter: the iowa caucuses, more than 300 days away, but campaign 2020 in full swing. back here in the bay area. he just wanted to pull his boat out of the water in the monterey bay but he had to reel in a lot more. this fisherman's truck ended up going in the water. i'm sorry for laughing. you can see it next to the dock. the truck became the one that got away. t hopefully he got it back. gosh. poor guy. back here locally, several bay area museums are free to the public this weekend if you play the right card. if you have a bank of america, merrill-lynch or u.s. trust card, eight bay area museums are free for you.
7:40 am
they are deyoung in san francisco, legion of honor in san francisco, contemporary jewish museum, oakland museum of california, and the computer history museum in mountain view; the san jose museum of art, tech museum of innovation in san jose and the napa valley museum in yountville. lots of choices for sunday. it is 7:40. speaking of sunday, it is sure to be bittersweet tonight at oracle arena. fans celebrate the end of an era while the warriors gear up for the playoffs. from oracle arena to oracle park. the giants look to win their first home win of the season. did they do it? sports is next. each morning,
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it was time to update the bathroom but we wanted to work with a company we could trust and rebath made it effortless. a rebath design consultant came to our home and presented us ideas and products in a way that made our decisions simple. they took away the old installed the new and gave us the bathroom we've always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel high tonight. welcome back. it's 7:42 on sunday morning. the sun is shining over oracle arena where surely emotions will be running high tonight. the warriors will take on the
7:43 am
l.a. clippers at oracle in what will be the final regular season game at oracle. this arena holds 47 years of warriors memories. there are plenty of celebrations planned before and during the game. be sure to get there early. i know i will. you may know next season they are moving into a swanky stadium in san francisco, the chase center. right down the street from the chase center the giants were trying to rebound from an opening day loss to the tampa bay rays. to the 5th inning, giants down 3-2. steven dugger doubles. scoring connor joe. the game is tied. the giants weren't done yet. brandon belt smacks a homerun to the opposite field. the giants with a four-run rally in the inning. they beat the rays 6-4. the oakland as in houston taking on the astros.
7:44 am
not a good night for the green and gold. the astros club, three homeruns on the night. the as couldn't get on the board. houston shuts out the as 6-0. ouch. now to the ice. it's all about the playoffs. the sharks wrapped up their regular season last night at the sap center. coach going for his 400th win. to the third. sharks leading by a goal when anyw nyquist give it is sharks some insurance. they'll play the golden knights in the first round of the playoffs. game one is wednesday at the shark tank. 7:44. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, president trump continues to talk about the crisis at the u.s. border with mexico. our political analyst larry gursten rejoins us after the break to talk about what the president calls facts about migrants trying to enter the country. visited the california-
7:45 am
7:46 am
border last friday. border security is a major concern for the pre welcome back.
7:47 am
president trump visited the california and mexico border on friday. border security is a concern for the president but opponents disagree with many of his facts. so wherein does the truth lie? nbc bay area political analyst larry gursten rejoins us now. let's begin with the central general characteristics of undocumented immigrants. the president says that the border crisis stems from violent criminals invading the u.s. what do we know about this? >> pretty strong language really. the way he puts it. it's a cornerstone of the president's claim of a national emergency. there are no reliable statistics about criminal elements entering the united states. several studies show that incarceration rates for undocumented immigrants is less than half the incarceration rate for native-born americans.
7:48 am
that's a statistic that we have. >> the president also says that we need a 2,000-mile wall because undocumented immigrant cartels are bringing over huge quantities of drugs which he says have contributed to the opioid epidemic we are seeing across the country now. how do you think the statement fits with the fact? >> well, once again, there is no doubt that the drug smugglers and their efforts occur with some immigrant elements, absolutely. the question is where according to the u.s. customs and border security agency between 80 and 90% of all drug smuggling attempts occur at legal crossing points, not remote, unpatrolled areas. >> those undocument ed immigrans caught here, the president says 3% show up for their court dates
7:49 am
which means they could just be running rampant across the country. potential criminals all over the place. what say you? >> the data really tell the story here. a recent u.s. department of justice study -- these are federal agencies -- found that 75% of undocumented immigrants appear at their scheduled hearings, not just 3%. moreover, statistics show 40% of the undocumenteds in the u.s. aren't people who snuck in but people already here who have overstayed their visa. >> like they originally came under the law, but they have outstayed their technical welcome. speaking of welcomes, in his border visit on friday, the president said these people aren't welcome, that we have no more room, no vacancy for southern border immigrants, asylum seekers or otherwise and we should go home. have we run out of space, so to
7:50 am
speak? >> the people who study this stuff are the ones who can answer that question better than anybody else. although no studied point to the u.s. running out of room. we do know this. according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics for the first time in american history, the united states has more job openings than available people to take them. that's a stunning data piece. >> it is stunning. i think it goes without saying it depends what side of the aisle you sit on. how do we account for the div d jens between the truth and the facts? >> well, we get into politics. immigration was a big part of his campaign and remains so for 2020. the topic connects well with the president's base. it is important to consider the accuracy of the president's claims and in most cases his assertions are countered by his
7:51 am
own u.s. government agencies. there may be legitimate reasons for dekicussing the merits of immigration like how many people can we accept, under what circumstances or whether we should help improve conditions at nearby troubled countries. such discussions will be valuable only when we truly understand the facts and deal with them that way. >> we appreciate your bringing the facts this morning, larry. thanks. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
good morning. it is 7:53. this is what it looks like live outside in downtown san jose. sure, we have clouds but look at the current temperatures. 54 degrees. we are not concerned about the winds this afternoon. we do have a lovely warm-up already under way. check out the cloud cover in dublin. 55 degrees. we have the high pressure that's going to keep us mostly dry. you could see doppler fairly quiet with the exception of clouds. we have moisture far off into northern california into oregon. as far as rain chances for us we'll remain fairly cloudy. morgan hill, a high of 73. san jose, 75. down through gillmore in the upper 70s. in through the east bay, check out oakland, 70 degrees. up through the peninsula, upper 60s for san mateo. if you are headed into the city, comfortable 60s.
7:55 am
a lot of the cloud cover will bring filtered sunshine which means the combination of good old sun and clouds. not to worry. the clouds aren't expected to carry rain. unless you live in the north bay through monday. i am tracking changes, but santa rosa. pay attention to the timeline. it gives you a good idea of timing for this. around the evening hours into monday we see a cold front trek on in. what that will do is bring the chance of seeing light rain mainly for the north bay into the evening and check out by 11:00. we could see pockets of rain moving down further. down near the south bay, mainly around san jose. monday, again, late rain chances move in. what does it mean for the next seven days? all right. we'll keep the cloud cover, stay fairly dry. don't worry about rain for the morning commute.
7:56 am
monday night into tuesday, the cold front drops in and it's also going to drop down our daytime highs by as much as ten degrees in spots. five degrees in others including san francisco. the winds kick up. we expect a gusty tuesday. into wednesday, thursday and friday, notice in the icons we are not tracking rain. we'll get set up with a good weather pattern keeping us in the upper 60s. again into tuesday, remember, inland areas, high elevations expecting the arrival of the cold front. into wednesday we expect a lot of sunshine. we keep the sunshine through thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. our temperatures will remain seasonal in the '60s. for today i expect a lot of folks to be out and about enjoying the sunday forecast. as you head in toward monday we'll keep some of the cloud cover. you should be okay if you have to wake up early to head back to work. at least you don't have to worry about rain in the way in terms
7:57 am
of the commute. >> that's really good. thanks. now to a story that i learned yesterday is one of your dreams come true. we first brought you the news of a goat that escaped from a yard on thursday in los altos hills. it had a baby yesterday morning. this is video from the mass exodus on thursday night. the baby's name is rocket. rocket was with the homeowner who rented these hundred goats to help with her landscaping. late thursday night they busted open a gate, escaped to a neighbor's yard. sheriff's deputies were called to help the herd get back to the property. the exciting late night adventure helped induce the labor. we are told mom is doing well and is taking time off of work. >> i was saying it yesterday when i saw they had a baby. i have always wanted to be a person driving and a herd of cows or goats or something goes by. that's a weird thing.
7:58 am
>> yeah. she wants this to happen. if somebody knows where to go to make it happen let us know. thank you very much for making us a part of your morning. more local news at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00. ♪ no hormones! ♪ i found a birth control ♪ with no hormones! ♪ paragard's 100% hormone free ♪ and over 99% effective, ♪ that's key! ♪ no hormones! ♪ not an ounce, ♪ with an ingredient ♪ i can pronounce. paragard is a hormone-free iud that's over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. if you experience pain,
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we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. this sunday the democrats debate. joe biden responds to criticism he touched women in ways that though not sexual made some uncomfortable. >> i get it. i hear what they are saying. i understand. i'll be much more mindful. >> but declines to apologize saying he never meant to be disrespectful. >> i'm n sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything i've ever done. >> and jokes about it in a public appearance. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. >> as the list of candidates grows, democrats debate whether biden is the right choice or whether it's time for a new generation of leaders. >> you could arg


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